Types of Commercial Doors

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When you own a commercial building or a big garage, you are required to install a commercial door to keep your property safe from theft and other harsh weather conditions. We understand how difficult it is to install the commercial door on your own without contacting professionals.

You will probably end up doing the wrong project or maybe hurt yourself in the process because of lack of equipment to install or repair the commercial door. It is recommended to hire professional commercial door companies in your area. The companies will offer the best services for your commercial door to meet your requirements.

It is important to understand the type of commercial door you want to install at your building to keep your property secure. You need to consider some factors before you choose the commercial door, for instance, you must buy a door that will support the kind of business you are doing.

Do not get confused by the various options available at the commercial door stores. If you do not have an idea about the choice to make, the following content is important to guide you in distinguishing the popular door options available in the market.

Wood Commercial Doors

door made of wood

This type of commercial door is made from the sheets of wood veneer that is wrapped with a solid composite door. The core is usually made of different materials such as the board particles or other minerals such as vermiculite. Doors made of wood are usually used for interior commercial purposes where moisture cannot affect them.

Aluminum Commercial Door

This type of door is used in a variety of applications. The door is installed mainly as the main entrance to your commercial building while it can still protect the whole building from theft. Aluminum is believed to be a very strong metal that is hard to break.

The door can also resist harsh environmental factors. Other than looking clean, the aluminum doors can also allow natural light to pass through and light the building. These doors do not require painting since it does rust when it has contact with moisture.

Fiberglass Commercial Doors

The fiberglass commercial doors are one of the strongest and most durable doors that are used for commercial openings. The maintenance of these doors is very minimal, and it can last longer than the wood and steel commercial door.

This door is used for high protocol or confidential commercial applications. They reduce the replacement and maintenance cost to the commercial business owners. However, they are very costly, especially during the installation process.

Glass Commercial Doors

door made of glass

The commercial glass doors are majorly used for the interior commercial applications to act as decorations due to the multiple color choice. The glass doors allow much light to pass through and make the building to appear more open. The type of glass used to make this types of commercial doors is high quality and durable to reduce the risks of breakage and causing injuries to the users in the building.